Effective Communication And Team Building At The Workplace

Management of AnL Valuation & Property Consult as part of our Mid-Year Business Performance Review organised a workshop session for its professional valuers, staff and associates. The essence of the workshop which was themed: Effective Communication and Team Building at the Workplace, was to refresh them on the qualities, maintenance and elements of effective communication and team-building and how to apply them effectively at the workplace.

In her welcome address, the Managing Consultant commended the staff for a successful and impressive first half of the year and admonished them to continue the good work and also to take advantage of the workshop and such similar CPDs as a leapfrog that provides the needed skills for them to be competitive both in Ghana and international. She urged everyone to keep doing their upmost to guarantee that the company’s name remained a household name both locally and at the international level.

The external resource person, Mr. Emmanuel Adofo (Lecturer and Soft skills Training Consultant) took the team through the session by introducing us to effective team-building with focuses on improving teamwork through effective communication, the essentials of effective team communication, understanding the behavior of an effective interpersonal relationship at work. The team was also introduced to the DISC – a behavioral assessment tool used to measure observable patterns of behavior. With this, participants were able to build DISC behavioral profile to understand the categories of behaviors and how to manage interpersonal tensions and also understand human behavior. Participants were later grouped to practice what they have learned and put to use some of their communication skills.

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